Pine Island Baptist Church
Nursery Guidelines

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”
Matthew 18:5


The nursery supports parents by providing for the churches physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young children during Sunday Services and Wednesday night services.  All special events that require a nursery worker should be scheduled through the nursery chairman so than arrangements can be made by the chairman. Pine Island Baptist Church (PIBC) provides these guidelines to give children the best possible care.  It is our desire to protect the health and safety of those involved in the nursery ministry as well as all others who enter our doors. All workers of the nursery are required to follow these guidelines and procedures.

Nursery Guidelines

  1. No one should be in the nursery except the nursery workers and the children being brought to the nursery for care.
  2. Ages for the nursery are birth through 3 years of age and should not be in the nursery without a nursery worker present.
  3. The nursery is not to be used as a playroom for older children at any time.
  4. Nursery is to be kept locked until Nursery workers arrive.
  5. Sanitize all toys and wipe down all equipment after each nursery usage.
  6. Pick up all toys and store in containers provided.
  7. Before leaving nursery, make sure the room has been completely cleaned, remove trash, turn off the lights and lock the doors.
  8. Children who are a danger to others, contact the nursery chairman (throwing things, biting , hitting, and/or kicking other children

Nursery Use

  1. Paid nursery workers will staff the nursery.
  2. Nursery will be open during all regular church services for children from birth to 3 years of age.
  3. No one other than authorized workers should be in the nursery at any time.
  4. Snacks are located in the cabinet and will be provided by the nursery staff at the appropriate times.
  5. Persons who wish to make a donation to the nursery ministry should see the nursery chairperson.

Parental Requirements

  1. A one-time registration form must be completed before any child will be admitted to the nursery.  You must sign your child into the nursery each time he/she is brought to the nursery.
  2. Parents should label all personal belongings (cups, bottles, bags, etc.).
  3. Only you will be allowed to pick up your child at the end of the service unless specified on the sign-in sheet.
  4. Children 12 months and younger will be in the bed baby side of the nursery, no exceptions.  Children 1-3 will be on the Toddler side of the nursery.
  5. Children with any of the following symptoms will not be allowed in the nursery.
    a. Fever of 100⁰ or above within the past 24 hours.
    b. Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
    c. Nausea or repeated vomiting within the past 12 hours.
    d. A persistent cough.
    e. Undiagnosed or untreated rashes.
    f. Green or dark yellow mucus discharge from the nose.
    g. Pink eye and not on antibiotics for at least 24 hours.
  6. Please notify us if your child has any kind of food allergy or sensitive skin.
  7. Nursery staff is not authorized to administer medications.
  8. Separation Anxiety: At this age, some children who are left in our care tend to cry, but then are easily distracted within a few minutes after Mom and/or Dad are out of sight.  You may wait in the hallway, out of sight to see if your child calms down satisfactorily. If your child continues to cry and our efforts to comfort fail beyond 10 minutes, we will notify you so that you can take care of the situation.  At this point, it may be necessary for you to stay with your child for a few minutes to comfort them.
  9. Nursery should open 10 minutes before each opening of the nursery.  In case no one is there, contact the Nursery chairman.

In Conclusion

The PIBC Nursery is staffed entirely by paid nursery workers.  Thank you for your co-operation and for the privilege of ministering to your children. Please read our guidelines that are meant to make our nursery as healthy and safe as possible for everyone.  Any question, concerns, or suggestions you might have are welcome, and we invite you to contact the nursery chairman. 

Revised: 1/7/12